beliefs within duplicity

Experiencing Duplicity Within Belief Systems

“Duplicity Within Belief Systems”

Experiencing the Energetic Waves – Part 3 –

Duplicity, yes indeed, duplicity is the reason we are all here. Can you believe that? Well, it took coming through this last few years of incoming cosmic energies to come to that realization. Sometimes, it takes some of us longer than others to get to the core reason why we are here, and what is our souls purpose. Thank goodness we are here now and wow! What a wild ride it has been.

Have you found these past few years challenging as we as a collective, continue moving through the ascension process? Rest assured you are not alone. Each and every single soul on this Earth is experiencing the effects of these incoming energies. It is the individuals personal beliefs that will determine their unique experience through it all.

Many individuals have expressed their confusion, disappointments and frustrations as they try to navigate their way through these intense energies of transformation. It is no wonder, as there are as many different points of view on how to transcend as there are people themselves.

Everyone’s journey will take them down path’s that are relevant for their level of soul growth during this particular physical focus. Each path chosen will be as unique as the personality of the individual experiencing them. There is one common denominator however for all concerned, and this is “duplicity”!

duplicity within beliefsThe Earth is a world that was created for soul expansion through the framework of duplicity. Everyone now finds themselves here, in this wave of expanding consciousness presently, where all are beginning to express to themselves thoughts about their belief systems. Whether conscious or unconscious, the beliefs one holds onto are beginning to be addressed by many.

These times of examining, can be as simple as to why am I holding onto a job or relationship that is no longer working, to why am I going through this discomfort in my body. Many are expressing why is the weather doing what it is all over the world. Why are people acting out in all manner of ways that many deem unpleasing. No matter what subject you find yourself questioning these days, know that you are not alone. All are feeling the essence of these energetic waves as they present us with inclinations to go within and address our present belief systems.

In searching and discovering the beliefs that may not resonate with you any longer, you allow yourself more choices in which you may be expressing yourself. For instance, when you can honestly look at beliefs that have been holding you to recurring events & habitual patterns, you will be able to consciously decide to accept or create a new belief which will carry you forward into a higher perspective. This is the very act of shifting within the self.

The more beliefs you choose to be accepting as that, simply a belief, you will then nullify the energetic power that bound you to them in the first place. It is at this point of clarity that more opportunities will begin to open up to gain knowledge & understanding within this present focus. (read the previous blog: the act of acceptance)

As you acknowledge that there is no place within this earthly presence where a “belief system” does not affect your life, you will then be in a place where you can accept yourself for the wonderful co-creator that you are. For you are a partaker in the creation of the very belief systems that you reside in. The moment you come to this understanding, is the moment you will begin to let go of the rightness or the wrongness within a particular belief. In this act of acceptance, you realize that beliefs are just choices that one decides to partake in. It is in those moments that you “shift” and you realize you no longer hold any judgments concerning another persons choices, or your very own choice, to be experiencing that belief.

It is then that the duplicity within the belief systems created by all, will begin to matter less and less. You will begin to live your life from a place of “Neutrality” or what many call “Center”. You will understand that from that point forward any belief you decide to partake of, in your journey to awareness, will just be an expression of your individual preference. All are free to choose which beliefs to engage in for their own expression of individuality. It is up to you to enjoy your journey!


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