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Gentle Breeze Brings Change

“Energy Oracle Deck”
By Sandra Anne Taylor

Gentle Breeze Brings Change

This weeks reading comes flowing in on the gentle breeze of change.  Can you feel it?  It is subtle, but it is there.  You may be starting to see the darkened clouds dissipating, allowing a few soft rays of sunshine to illuminate the path you have just been walking down.   You can now appreciate the sunny skies and hopeful times that lay upon the horizon.

It is time now to press on, to forge forward upon the road that is now set before you.  You have been creating this new road from the events which you’ve just left behind.  Now, is a time of introspection as well.  You can spend some quiet moments to look back at the road you traveled to assess the lessons that you have learned…or not.

It is your choice.  Have you mastered your skills of diplomacy, your stress management, your reaction to the circumstances that you have just experienced?  Have you allowed the events that trigger you, fine tune you?  That is the stormy road that you are now leaving behind.    Do you see it being illuminated, even if it is only by a few rays of light?

Good for you, for you are making progress, you are feeling your way through the obstacle courses that you have encountered.  It is time for you to find the inner strength, the resolve, the passion that creates a brand new day for yourself.

You are the Magician that holds the power of creation in your hands.  Within you lies the very vortex of creation, the forces of the universal energy, Source manifest in form through you.  Do you know who you are?  Are you still on the road to discovery?  Is this the new path that lies before you?  Only you can know for sure, and I believe you do.

You hold the very keys of the kingdom within you to manifest your destiny.  A gentle breeze is blowing bringing you the change that you desire.  Do you know why?  It is through your quiet moments of reflection where you discover what it is that you no longer need any longer in your life.   It is here that you feel the difference in the vibrations between the duality that you have experienced.

magicianThe mirror stands beside the Magician in the card drawn. It reflects the worlds response to your vibration, your reactions or the energy behind what you are putting out into the world, to others.   You hold the power to change the reflection that emanates from this mirror.

The other hand reveals the mists of change ready to be created by you, and only you.  You are the one that holds the magic of transformation for your life.  This is an important moment in your life right now.  The time of magic is now!  You are the alchemist of your life able to turn your trials and tribulations into blessings and joy.

A new door is blowing open for you and the breeze is bringing in brilliant orbs full of light carrying with them the clarity, insights and the wisdom of the ages and… oh…so much more than you can even begin to imagine.   These beautiful rays of light are bringing you to a deeper understanding of who you are.   Can you see clearer now?   Can you see the reflection that you the magician, the creator of your life put before you?

These gentle breezes brought by you are the changes that bring you to the core of who you are.  They reach down deep within the center of your very being, exposing, blowing to the surface that which needs to be seen to bring the changes you need.  Can you feel the breeze?

It is the breeze that blows down those blockades that are self-made, the boxes you have created for yourself, the safe zones for your fears.  As you allow the gentle breeze to blow through these areas as they surface, it will carry away the need to hang onto them.  You will begin to experience the joy of feeling empowered by the freedom that the winds of change can bring.  This gentle breeze brings with it the ability to see your potential for unlimited possibilities.

This weeks energy is all about letting that breeze blow gently through you.  Enjoy…..

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