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Reality Your Perception Your Truth

This weeks reading is from the deck “The Mirror Cards” by Geoff Charley & Lucy Lidell.
I will be focusing upon “one” card to represent the entire focus for this week.

Reality Your Perception Your Truth

It is the second week of January 2015, New Years Eve has come and gone with your new resolutions for this year all put in order of importance to accomplish. You are excited by the process of your own imagination, for it has given you a list of ideas that you put into place, hopefully to bring balance, love, harmony and success in all you do.

If you are one of those that have made a list and plan to stick to it good for you, for that is what may work for many of you. However, if you have made your list, and already you are feeling uncertain about how to accomplish all that you’ve imagined and you are struggling with what to do next, then this post is for you. The card I have pulled for the beginning of this new year is:


Seeing through illusion is one of the greatest challenges life presents – and one that few have the courage to take up. Reality is simply what is: the emperor with no clothes; the naked truth.”

As this year begins to unfold before you, the card asks you to take a look at your life, without seeing it through the distorted projections your emotions many times romanticize about, but instead seeing the real state of your life’s situations.

When you look through rose colored glasses moving away from the reality of what is, you step into and area of illusion, where only hope and fantasy rule the game. It is in this place that you put your life into a state of stasis….where nothing moves forward for you, you are waiting for everything in your life to turn around and work out alright for you. If you would take a moment to feel through what I have just said, you would see the truth of your situations as they really are. Your desires and projected expectations are blinding you to what is actually holding you back.

You and you alone are responsible for what is happening or not happening in your life at the moment. That is what “Reality” is saying. It is time to let go of the romanticized preconceptions of how life should be according to what the world has said. It is time to experience your life and relationships for what they really are instead of the fantasized version the imagination would have you reach for.

The truth is….reality is taking a hard look at what is residing within you that needs to be looked at. Your life is a mirrored reflection of all the aspects of your perceived thoughts and beliefs. Your life situations are being projected back to you from outside of you. Your thoughts are creating every single aspect of your life. You do not have to believe me if you don’t want to, but if instead you could consider taking a look at how you perceive things to be true for you, than you will begin to experience your life from inside of you instead of outside of yourself.

It would benefit you to look at what lies within your heart, seeing the foundations that you have put in place and seeing each area of your life in a way that examines how and why you created it that way. When you take a look at the different areas of your life you can see how certain programs or lessons have been reoccurring over many years, perhaps your entire life. These are there for you to see that what is happening on the outside, is a reflection of what lies on the inside of you.

It is time to stop living with your head up in the clouds of worldly perceptions and take a hard look at what resides within. If you would like this year to end up repeating the same old patterns and the same old lessons again and again, then do nothing. Choosing to examine ones beliefs, perceptions and judgments about how things should be, is a step in the right direction. Should you want to change your life in any way, then it is time to see yourself through the eyes of “Reality” and not fantasy.

When you take the time to live in the reality of each moment, you begin to tell yourself the true story. Your story! It is the truth of who you are. You begin to see what lies behind each choice you make, each thought you think and each feeling you feel. What is it that you want to experience? If you choose to change your old thoughts, beliefs and feelings to new ones: ones that reflect what you would like to be living, then dig deep down and let go of what used to be and create your life from the inside out instead of the outside in.

It is time for you to see who you are, time to create from a state of knowing what your truth is, instead of living the truths of others. Your world is created by you and your life is a reflection of the “Reality” that lies within you. May this year bring you your hearts desires and may you enjoy the manifestations of your highest dreams. Namaste’

Until next time, this is Sunscape

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