reoccurring events

Reoccurring Events Illuminate Belief Patterns

Reoccurring Events Illuminate Belief Patterns

Reoccurring events in your life are your souls way of illuminating the belief systems within your sub-conscious and conscious mind.  By now you know that you are limitless in the ways you can choose to express yourself through the creation process while you journey throughout physicality. Good for you for knowing that you are always co-creating your life in every single moment of the day. Now that is something that not everyone is aware of. Many are still in the dark when it comes to knowing who they truly are. Isn’t it wonderful to be right here, right now, experiencing this shifting of awareness on a global level?

Each soul is receiving loving energetic vibes from Divine Essence, opening up the heart centers to expand each ones awareness and to bring them into the full understanding of what Christ consciousness is. No matter where each soul is on their journey to awakening, they are partaking in the vibrations that are streaming in from the Universal collective consciousness assisting humanity.

Whether one chooses to awaken or not is their free will choice. Many are actually choosing not to awaken, but instead they are continuing their journey within the lower vibrations. It is always the souls choice when to move forward or remain in specific areas where it can experience duality for it’s own expansion and learning process. Each souls signature is predetermined before birth to come and experience certain types of patterns that will most likely benefit this expansion process.

fluorite eventsWhatever events that you are creating and manifesting in your life stream will be representative of what your soul desires to experience. These events are appearing because of the vibrational patterns that you are putting out into the universe through your feelings, thoughts and focus of attention. The reasons why you are going through specific events may not be obvious to you right away though. If you find yourself experiencing frustration or any other type of resistance to the events, it’s main objective will not be readily apparent to you.

This is how events can occur over and over again, often having similar themes that try to get your attention. Take time to take notice of your events and how it is you are reacting to them. It is for your highest good that you look at the events without judging them or the people involved in the scenarios. The events are reoccurring to help you see the underlying beliefs and habitual patterns that you are holding within your soul signature.

These patterns of behavior rise to the surface for you to look at them closely, accept them as part of yourself, without judging them and to do your best to try and understand the root cause of the energy behind your reactions. These are the times to face any hidden fears or old beliefs that may be holding you back from experiencing where your soul is wanting to go next. Take notice of your feelings and set an intention in that moment to express yourself from a higher perspective the next time a similar event arises.

red aventurine events discernmentSimply acknowledging the events helps to dissipate the energies that have been causing them to reoccur. Many teach that you can imagine or pretend that the events will not have any effect upon you, such as believing you do not really have the illness you are currently experiencing. This however, is still a form of resistance and will only manage to keep that energy going forward into your future expressions. You are the author of your own story and creation process…so resistance is really you fighting against yourself.

Remember that it is in the acceptance of your life expressions that you are able to release any energy that you feel no longer serves your present focus. When you can get to this point, no matter what type of manifestations you have created, you will have understood what your soul had wanted to learn.

So, go ahead and start accepting those beautiful, radiant, magical expressions that you are creating in every single moment of now. Accepting your creations is the beginning to accepting yourself!

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