solstice gateway

Solstice Gateway to Self-Realization

Solstice Gateway to Self-Realization

Welcome to the Solstice gateway. Whether you are in the North experiencing the Winter Solstice or in the Southern hemisphere entering the Summer Solstice, you are sure to be feeling the intense, incoming energies at this moment. A lot of pressure in the upper back, neck and head seem to be prevalent this last few days. Even deep emotional feelings have been surfacing causing many to be concerned at what is happening to them. Rest assured you are not alone, take notice of your aches and pains along with those feelings that are surfacing and may continue through to the end of the year. It is time to just go with the flow and honor what you are experiencing from your higher perspective.

This gateway will bring a major shift for many who have consciously been working through the ascension process. For others, it may well be an uncomfortable time of experiencing reoccurring cycles that are manifesting, due to the energies they are holding onto. Wherever you find yourself on your journey at this moment take time to show compassion to yourself and others as well.

These incoming light energies have a major purging effect upon the human bodies consciousness. It is what has to be in order for each soul to move into the 5D – 6 D realm. There are a few things to keep in mind to stabilize your energy through this phase of transformation.

  1. Stay aligned with your true center, in your heart space. This is extremely important to remain compassionate, loving and non-judgmental of others choices and even your own. Each soul has it’s own unique expressions to experience and not everyone is in the same place.

  2. Allow and accept what it is you are experiencing by letting the old foundational truths based on religious dogma that you held onto, to be transmuted from the old paradigm into the new. It is not that you have to let go so much of what you have learned, as it is to understand how to assimilate that knowledge in the new realms from a Christed conscious perspective.

  3. Whatever you are feeling to let go of entirely, LET IT GO! The old energy will have no place in the 5D – 6 D dimensions. So free yourself once and for all from the past that no longer serves your highest good.

  4. Get plenty of rest and spend time alone with yourself to contemplate what it is you are experiencing and ask your guides to enlighten and continually present you with the highest truth for your expansion as you enter the coming new year.

As you pass through the Solstice Gateway during the holidays remember that this year has been all about transcending the old to embody Christ consciousness while continuing to shift with Mother Earth through the ascension process. Everyone that has chosen to ascend is doing so at this time and expressing their unique experience through it all.

As you enter into the new paradigm of Unity consciousness and continue to integrate your higher selves, you will indeed be conduits for Source to express Divinity through you as pure, loving, Christed light beings….and So It Is!

Until next time, this is Sunscape

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