Spring Vibes Bring Caring Connections

~ Spring Love Is In The Air ~

The snow is melting here in Upstate New York and nature is coming alive with the welcoming sounds of Spring. The birds are busily building nests in the trees and the animals are sending out vibes to announce that Love is in the air….here, there and everywhere. Are you feeling those love vibes stirring in your corner of the world?

This weeks Oracle card is all about those Spring-like vibes, as “Love” is even coming through in the cards. The couple in this weeks card are enjoying a tender moment together, they are showing us that we can all enjoy a magical moment just like this one. Is there someone special in your life where you can capture a moment in time with a special embrace?

The card is letting you know that this is a time to reflect upon your connections with others. This can be a time of new love coming into your life, new spiritual connections and even new business relationships. If you are already in a committed relationship than this signifies a time of intimate sharing and growth between you and your partner. It is a time for everyone to solidify existing opportunities and forge new and deeper bonds with those who are showing up in your life.

Take a moment to reflect where it is that you can share your intimate thoughts with those whom you love. This is the perfect time to express your heart to others even if you have had trouble doing so in the past. Be truthful with yourself and speak your truth to others letting them know how much you care about them. Let those special moments arise as you send out those loving vibes to those special loved ones in your life. The Universe always honors your choice to do so.

love rhodochrosite tumbled stoneAre there some people that have sort of been put on the back burner or you have not seen in a very long time? A special card sent their way, a spur of the moment phone call or perhaps a surprise visit to just bring them an extra long hug may just be in order this week.

This card can also be a reminder that you may be longing for that special someone to share your life with. If you’re looking for a new love, then this could be your sign that it may be on the way. Take a moment to check your personal love vibes. Are you loving yourself with the utmost, highest and best love ever? Are you head over heals happy with the wonderful person that you are? Be truthful with yourself, as how you see yourself, treat yourself and love yourself is how you reflect yourself to the world for all to see.

If you are seeking love….be sure to love yourself unconditionally, directing your intentions of love and tenderness, caring and appreciation inwards to yourself. When you are able to do so you will in turn mirror that love to others. When you are the essence of love personified from within the self you in turn attract that same love vibration back to yourself. This is the potential that you create for yourself, bringing that perfect loved one right into your life.

The following affirmation is a wonderful place to start sending out those perfect love vibes into the Spring-time air……

“I love, appreciate and value myself without any limitations and conditions. I love myself unconditionally and I attract tender, loving moments into my life in unexpected ways.”

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