Sunscape’s Weekly Oracle Card Reading



Sunscape’s Weekly Oracle Card Reading
July 7th  – 14th

First of the Week:  Card #23 ~ THE PRESENT ~
“I fully experience every moment of my life by living in the present.”

This card represents the beauty that surrounds you as you find yourself totally focused on the moment 23-present-wanda-virgoof now.   Every part of nature is alive in this picture, totally one with the moment.   The in-streaming light illuminates the beauty of the communication transpiring between the fairy elemental and the creature in the forest.   Can you feel the warmth between the two as they experience the energetic exchange between themselves, in their moment of now?

How are you experiencing your life right now?  Are you able to stay focused in the now?  The card reminds you not to worry about the past and surely not to fret over your future, but to stay totally present in the experience of the moment you are in, right now!

This is the best way to stay aligned with the Laws of Attraction by giving yourself to the tasks at hand 100%.   By doing so, you will have a better opportunity to be successful, joyful & healthy.  You will find that you are able to keep yourself aligned with the flow of the Universe.   When you are happy, content and in line with your purpose for this journey you have chosen, you will walk through it with a higher energetic vibration.

Are you looking to enhance the quality of your life’s experience?   If you are, then practice staying focused in the moment, totally absorbed in every detail, feeling the totality of every experience.   As you do so, you will find that the present releases you from all the worries and fears that may have been knocking at the door of your mind.

Go ahead, take a leap of faith, let go of all your thoughts about the past and worries about the future.   Take time to enjoy living in the moment, as it is time for you to ride the wave of freedom that “The Present” has for you.

Mid-Week:  Card #36 ~ ABUNDANCE ~
“I am grateful for the abundance Nature and the Universe provide in my life”.

36-abundance-wanda-virgoThis is another beautiful card that shows how wonderfully abundant life can be when you are totally aligned and connected to the world you live in.  Every aspect of nature is flowing freely together as if they are one.

The modern world today would have you believe that abundance comes in the form of material possessions, such as large homes, fancy cars and huge bank accounts.  Far too many still find themselves searching for something more because they feel empty inside. The card is a sweet reminder that having relationships, nurturing oneself by connecting to nature and enjoying the elements will bring you more joy, peace & contentment than trying to amass wealth in other ways.

If you are living an abundant lifestyle and find yourself still searching outside of yourself for things to fulfill you, then it is time for you to step back and evaluate your choices.   It may be time for you to reconnect with the simpler things in life that once actually did bring you joy.

Living from your heart and not your head is a great place to start.  What makes you feel good?  What things in your life are you grateful for right now?  The sun that warms your day, the rain that sustains your world & gives you the opportunity to jump in the puddles it leaves with your shoes on?   Perhaps you can find peace from your stressful day as the sun is setting and the birds fill the air with their song, sending calming vibrations your way.  Have you found a moment in your busy schedule to appreciate the abundant sensations Mother Earth surrounds you with every single day?

I assure you if you can find the time, sit back, close your eyes, take a deep breath and listen.   Let go of all the clutter from your days work and relax in the abundant peace that is yours to freely enjoy.   Now you may find that place in your heart that remembers what abundance is really all about.   It surrounds you every single moment of the day.   Enjoy!

End of the Week:  Card #38 ~ FOREST FROLIC – MAIDEN ~
“I acknowledge my inner child and open my heart to the joy she/he brings”.

I have to be honest here, the cards continue to amaze me week after week.  They always have a theme 38-frolicking-wanda-virgoand speak so softly to us as they continue to awaken us to the real wealth that life has in store for us.  Could this end of the week card be any more timely? It speaks so gently, yet loudly reminding us to remember to be child-like in our hearts, our thoughts and our actions.

It is an awesome card letting us see the joy in letting go of the everyday burdens and chores that bog us down, preventing us from enjoying life to the fullest.  It is time to realize that having fun, relaxing and letting go of those mundane duties we have all tied ourselves to is what makes life so enjoyable.

Take that moment to sit under or climb a tree and dangle your feet in the air.   Play in the rain like you did as a child without a care in the world.  Walk in a country meadow picking wild flowers like you did when you were younger.   How about taking a blanket out on a starlit night laying down to enjoy some falling stars that might delight in the opportunity to share in your “Now” moment.   If you could only feel, hear and see with your inner senses, you would laugh and giggle at the delightful vibrations that are bouncing all over the place with the exchange between you and all of Nature.
I hope this weeks card reading fills you with a sense of wonder and imagination as you are inspired to connect with your child within to recapture the joy of life’s simpler pleasures.

Until next time, this is Sunscape
Sun. Scape. Ing your day


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