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August 18 – 25

This weeks card reading is from the Conscious Spirit Deck from Kim Dreyer.  Enjoy!

First of the Week:  Card #15 ~FIND YOUR BLISS ~
“I am following a path I love and am fully aligned to my soul purpose.”

15-bliss-wanda-virgoI  always get encouraged when this card comes up in a reading as it is a reminder to do a reality check in your life.   It asks the reader to evaluate your current life situation; such as friendships, relationships, jobs or even your career path.   Are you truly enjoying all the different areas of your life?  That is the reason for this weeks card.

It may still be time to continue the reflection process for some of you, making those small changes in your life to get you to where you are wanting to go.  Don’t get discouraged as the process does not happen overnight.   It sometimes takes a good deal of time to release a lifetime of internal blockages so that your vibrations are clear and your purest intentions can line up with your “positive” creative process.

For others it will be a message to confirm that you have done your evaluation process and are pleased with your progress.   You are well on your way in the co-creation of your dream life.   Isn’t it wonderful to finally be experiencing the flow of abundance in the different areas of your life.

Continue to challenge yourself and re-evaluate where you are on your journey by following your heart while being true to your deepest desires.   By aligning with your heart you will find yourself following your souls plan which will lead you to that blissful state of being that you have been longing for.

Mid-Weeks Card #1 ~ SPIRIT AWAKENS ~
“I embrace my soul purpose and align all aspects of my life to it fully.”

Well need I say more!   The cards are saying it loud and clear this week.  Once again spirit is reminding us how important it is to continually align ourselves body, mind and spirit.  You can be 1-awaken-wanda-virgosure you are doing so by simply being true to your own desires.

Throughout ones life there are times when where following the paths that others have set down for you,  you give your power away to them.  Sometimes it is a parent that leads you into a certain direction for your life.   Other times it is when you are in a lifetime relationship that you can easily find yourself tied to the desires of your spouse or thoroughly engrossed in raising children that your personal desires can go by the wayside.

Your journey has many aspects to it which includes your souls personal desires as well.  In order to be true to yourself throughout your entire life, it is beneficial to acknowledge all aspects of yourself and to develop an intimate, spiritual journey.

The personal spiritual journey does not necessarily mean that you have to follow a specific dogma or religious practice.  It is purely your inner knowing that you are connected to a higher Divine Source.  It is the feeling of belonging, of unity of love, joy and hope that helps you to know that you are an integral part of the greater picture.

When you take time to balance each aspect of yourself, the physical, mental and spiritual work very well together.  You will find that you go through your day with a peace that passes all understanding.   No matter what life brings your way you are able to go through the experience with the assurance that all will work out just the way it is supposed to.

Through every experience, you will view the event as part of your souls learning process and know that it is your evolutionary journey in progress.   This helps one to realize that everything works together for the good of all.   May your journey unfold before you with the purpose your soul intended.   🙂

End of the week: Card #34 ~ EARTH ANGEL ~
‘I am a guardian of Mother Earth and protect all who live on her.”

34-earth-wanda-virgoI am always amazed at how the cards come together each week.   This Earth Angel card represents the results of a person that is totally aware of who they are and why they are here.

It is the awakened soul who knows that every creature, plant and thing in the universe is connected.  That we all come from the same Source and were created to co-exist with one another.  Each individual, animal and planet have a purpose in sustaining the balance needed to exist in our beautiful world.

Without the Sun, where would we be.  Without the trees, the bees and the water what would life be like.   Without the love we share with each other everyday, where would we be?   Every single living thing in the Universe is integral to holding the balance of Nature in place.  Without one of these aspects, life would not exist the way we know it today.

The card is asking us to be aware of our role in the overall balance of the world we live in.   In gaining awareness of who you are, you in turn gain awareness of your connectedness to all.   It is then that you find yourself changing from the inside out, changing the way you do things for the betterment of all humanity.  Changing your perspective to reflect your unconditional love for all of life helps to raise the consciousness of others too.

Making the Earth a better place begins within each and every soul.   I want to take a moment to thank “YOU” for making our Earthly home a better place for all.   Namaste

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks card reading and that your week will be better because of it.  If you would like any assistance with your journey, be sure to stop by my Etsy shop for your metaphysical needs.

Until next time, this is Sunscape
Sun. Scape. Ing your day


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