Sunscape’s Weekly Oracle Card Reading


“Conscious Spirit Deck”

by Kim Dyer

First of the Week: Card #21 ~ YOUR OWN PATH ~
“I follow my own unique path with courage and strength”


21-own-path-virgoThe cards are still encouraging everyone to follow their own unique path.   This week is a continuation of the energies that have been streaming to us all.   Be true to yourself, follow your dreams and step into your soul journey with confidence and fearlessness.

Every situation, whether it has been easy or hard, has been an influence that propels you into the right direction for your life.   Sometimes it may require you to go against the grain, challenge the beliefs of others and take a huge leap of faith.   When you move forward with courage and strength your heart will illuminate your path and guide you along the way.

When you are able to stand steadfast in your truth, the universe responds to you in glorious ways.  How?  Because you are following your hearts leading, reaching and imagining your life’s dreams with passion and longing, the universe matches your desires.

If you are holding a vision of a grateful, positive life filled with happiness, love and joy….you are going to attract those vibrations back to yourself.   It is a cosmic law, the universe delivers unto you that which you are holding within your thoughts and desires.

So go ahead and reach for the stars, follow your heart’s desire and step, one step at a time into your perfect soul journey.   Remember that it is the one you have designed for yourself, so you can never get it wrong.   Enjoy the journey!


Mid – Week: Card # 35 ~ NATURE SPIRITS ~
“I respect all of nature’s elemental beings and help preserve life on Earth”

35-nature-spirit-virgoEvery thing within the Earth; the rocks, the animal, the plants, oceans and crystals all contain a spark of Divine Source energy.   Everything comes from the creator and carries spirit with them too, just like you and I, we are a spark of the Divine Source just like the rest of creation.

This weeks card is here to remind us of that fact or to ask you to possibly consider that we all are an aspect of Divine Source energy.   We each hold a resonant pattern that is unique to each and everyone of us.  Every animal, plant and droplet of water holds a frequency that is purely their own.

The ancient ones before us always knew how to connect with these spirits to glean and learn from the wisdom that each one of them had to offer.   It is time again that we learn to connect with the elemental kingdoms and their nature spirit guides, so that they may once again be a positive influence for us on our journey.

Spending time in Nature, enjoying, appreciating and loving the wonderful healing vibrations is so nurturing for our body, mind and spirit.   Take some extra time to basque in the refreshing, revitalizing vibes of Nature and open your heart to receive what they have to offer you today.


End of the Week: Card #19 ~ A NURTURING HEART – MOTHER ~
“I am a protective spirit and reach out to all life with love and compassion”

19-mother-heart-virgoHere again we have a card asking us to protect and nurture all the elements of the Earth.  This is the time that the Divine Feminine Energy is asking us to connect with love to all the inhabitants of the Earth.   It is time to allow the feminine energy from Source to flow through us all, so that we can share our love with every living spirit we come in contact with.

As you allow the feminine energy to flow through you in nurturing ways, you are also affecting all of the universe.   Your loving light is radiating out from you, even if you can not see it or feel it doing so.  The card comes reminding you today that you do in fact affect all of life around you.

Life is a fantastic gift given to us and by awakening this powerful energy within you, you not only bring loving, healing energy to others around you but also to all aspects of your multi-dimensional self as well.   The positive, loving vibes are far more reaching than any of us can possible imagine…..but then again….Let’s imagine the vast Universe and all of the Cosmos affected by the love that we carry within reaching out into the vastness.

I hope you have been encouraged by this weeks card reading and enjoy your upcoming week.

Until next time, this is Sunscape
Sun. Scape. Ing your day



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