Sunscape’s Weekly Oracle Card Reading


Sunscape’s Weekly Oracle Card Reading

May 19th  – 25th

First of the week: Card #6  ~ EARTH ELEMENTAL ~
“I gratefully accept the abundance the Earth bestows on me.”

We are still in the vibration of connecting with Mother Earth and appreciating her assets.   The card is a wonderful reminder of the bounty the 6-wanda-virgoEarth creates for our use.  We get to enjoy the water, the air, the plants, animal and mineral kingdom to our hearts content.

The card reminds us to stay grounded with the Earths energies and to be thankful to Gaia for all the abundance that she bestows upon us.   It is up to us to be wise stewards of our bodies as well as hers.
Be mindful of what you are putting into both via chemicals that can be harmful to yourself and future generations.

We have but one Earth and her health and abundant resources depend upon us to keep a perfectly balanced planet for all to enjoy.  This card is just one way to remind us to be mindful of our usage and our care for the mineral and plant kingdoms.  Remember to continue to go out into nature to connect with the wonderful energies flowing from her to help to increase your awareness of the oneness we share.


Mid-week:  Card #4 ~ GRATITUDE ~
“I am grateful for everyone and everything in my life and the lessons each brings.”

4-wanda-virgoI love the picture associated with this card as it just illustrates the blessedness in sharing the unity of oneness with all life.   It is magical in it’s expression of gratitude rising from the midst of all life surrounding her.

All the elements are working together here: light, universal symbols, nature, the animal and minerals connecting to the Divine energies.   Offering our gratitude to Source and all of the Universe is a wonderful way to stay connected to the highest vibrations.

Remember to focus upon your blessings of abundance this week instead of upon what you lack.  Give thanks for all of life’s gifts and hold the feelings of gratitude within your heart will insure that you continue to receive all of life’s best for yourself.   You are a co-creator of your life and all it bestows upon you so hold onto those high vibrations even in the midst of your storms.

When you are able to acknowledge and be thankful for what you do have and let go of the feelings of lack, you are able to heal yourself and bring forth more of what serves you in a much better way.  Now that is something to be grateful for.


End of week:  Card #30 ~ REACH FOR YOUR DREAMS ~

“I am the creator of my own dreams and achieve them with confidence.”

What a beautiful card to bring to culmination the energetic meanings for this week.   Look at the vibrant light flowing from God, Source, All That30-wanda-virgo Is in a Golden Mean Ratio symbol.  It shows us that everything flows from Source as we connect to the Divine through our thoughts and feelings.

The mountain is overflowing with abundant life-giving waters as she connects with confidence to her source of life.  Her hand is out-stretched to touch the heart of God bringing her dreams into this 3 D dimension for her pure enjoyment.  Are you letting your dreams reach the heart of God, Source and the Universe?

If you have lost sight of your own dreams due to the daily routines that can sometimes be very distracting, take some time this week to re-focus and look inward to re-discover what it is you really want to reach for.    Nurture your dreams with feelings of accomplishing them, feel how it feels to bring them to fruition in your life.   Sense how it would be to be living your dreams now.  You do not have to wait for them to come.  Feel them now!   This helps you to actually bring them to life much quicker along with your actions.

Sometimes it takes a little courage and fortitude to break through all those little thoughts that have seemingly held you back from accomplishing your dreams.   This oracle card reading is asking you to take notice of your attitudes and feelings and be encouraged to reach for your dreams.

Enjoy your week everyone, until next time, this is Sunscape
Sun. Scape. Ing your day



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