Sunscape’s Weekly Oracle Card Reading


Sunscape’s Weekly Oracle Card Reading

First of the Week:   Card # 8 ~THE HEALER ~
“I am loving, compassionate & able to bring healing to others”

This week Summer is officially here. We just got to experience the energies of the Summer Solstice here in the Northern hemisphere.  It was a wonderful, loving, nurturing energy to kick off the 8-wanda-virgoseason ahead.   If you are anything like me you will be outside enjoying some fun in the sun and connecting with nature anyway you can.

The first card reflects so many aspects of nature with the mineral, animal, physical and spiritual aspects all represented here.  This is a gentle reminder to continue connecting with all the elements of nature to help you to bring balance and healing to your body, mind & spirit.

It is very important to take care of all the aspects of your self to insure that you bring total healing to yourself, from the inside & to the outside.   In order to be of the utmost help to others you first have to do so for yourself.

Do your best to eat well and get plenty of rest to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Be sure to take some time if you can to continue to ask your guides to help you with doing that inner clearing from your past issues if you feel the leading to do so.   This is the perfect time to keep cleaning out your cluttered closets. J

The card shows us that there are many ways to bring healing to oneself and others.  Some choose to do Reiki healing or massage therapy that incorporates using crystals to balance the body. Some use natures herbal and floral remedies to help the body to heal. Essential oils are a wonderful way to help you do so as well.  Whichever you choose to use remember to ask your spiritual guides and angels to help you.  They are always willing and waiting to be of service.

Mid-Week:  Card #11 ~ WATER ELEMENTAL ~
“I allow my body, mind & spirit to flow intuitively through the changes in life”

11-wanda-virgoThis elemental card is associated with the emotions, the sub-conscious, intuition & creativity.  It is a nurturing, loving card and I am not surprised at it showing up at this time.   We are being reminded that life is a constant flow of cycles that influence and bring change into our lives.

It is time to let go of past emotional events, relationships and any traumas that may have occurred that may be preventing you from moving with the natural rhythm of your life.  I feel that there are many who are feeling stuck.  They do not know which way to turn, who to release and who to keep in their lives.   It is a time of reflection for you, it is time to cleanse and clear people, places, jobs and things that you feel are holding you back

It is time to do what makes you happy, be with those people and loved ones that bring joy into your life.  They are the support, encouragement and life’s blessings for you at this time.   Do not feel bad or guilty about moving on as it is for your highest good to do so.

The card is all about balance, ridding yourself of that which no longer brings you peace and contentment and merging with those areas and people in your life that do.  Please “feel your way” through the process.  Trust your instincts, follow your heart and feel the freedom that doing so brings to you.

End of the Week: Card #30 ~ REACH FOR YOUR DREAMS ~
“I am the creator of my own dreams and achieve them with confidence”

Wow!  Look at how the universe continues to follow a theme week after week.  Here is your final push from spirit to build your confidence.   Reach 30-wanda-virgofor your dreams!   What could be any clearer than this.   Do you feel the energy and excitement behind this weeks reading.  I know I do.

Your dreams are what give you the direction you should be going in and the enthusiasm to follow your life’s path.   If you have laid them down somewhere along the line it is time to reseed you soil and plant new dreams or just receptivity those that you had in your heart when you were younger.

You have this card encouraging you once again to let go and get going with what brings you pleasure.   Sometimes I know it takes a great deal of courage to make major changes in ones life.  But know that change happens one step at a time, so take that first step and feel what it feels like to be living your dream life and go from there.

It is never to late to plant new seeds.  So today, I encourage you to go and do just that!   Dare To Dream Big!   You are worth it!   Nameste’

Until next time, this is Sunscape
Sun. Scape. Ing your day


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