Sunscape’s Weekly Oracle Card Reading


This weeks card reading will be from the Earth Magic Deck by Seven D. Farmer.  Enjoy!


First of the Week Card: ~ WHALE / Breach~

As you can see in this picture the Whale is breaching the water with whale-wanda-virgowhat looks like joyous release as it gets a glimpse of the world which lies above it’s natural domain.  Have you managed to break forth from your normal routine to enjoy a glimpse into what lies outside your daily life?

The past few weeks have been asking that as you look within yourself to see your blockages and areas that have held past belief systems and you acknowledge them, you then can find a release to get a glimpse your life with a new perspective.  Just like the Whale breaching the water mirrors the experience that you have been going through.

Nature is a wonderful example of what life is truly all about.  Just taking a break from the normal routines you find yourself involved in can open up opportunities to see beyond your normal existence.    The energies of the past few weeks have been encouraging you to enter into those special places that Nature has for you to experience the wonderful vibrations that Mother Earth is bestowing upon everyone now.

Are you one of the few that are taking time to appreciate the Nature that is calling you.  Is it the tranquil waters of the lakes & oceans drawing you to dip your toes in for just a fleeting moment in time.  Perhaps you find yourself feeling the call to walk among the trees in the forest as you walk along the winding paths that beckon your imagination to discover what lies secretly hidden under it’s canopy.

Taking a break from your familiar surroundings, changing your external environment, is a significant way to breach the places within you that you have created to bring you that sense of security you find yourself living in.  Sometimes these security blankets can actually be a hindrance to you.  Without you even realizing it those personal boundaries you have placed around yourself can hold you back from experiencing new ideas and concepts that are outside your familiar zone.

So go ahead, breach the familiar territory and take a break from the normal routine to step outside your comfort zone and envelope the newness awaiting you.


Mid-Weeks Card: ~ FIRE / Passion ~

fire-wanda-virgoThe Fire card comes to you today to stir up the passion for life that resides in the depths of your belly.   It is asking you what turns you on?  What ignites the burning desires that are within you.   Are you listening to the creative sparks and heeding those stirrings from your higher self?  That is the question of the day.

If you are having difficulty moving forward in your life with anticipation, excitement and a sense of purpose you might want to reflect on what is missing.  It is probably the absence of “fire in your belly,” that special something or someone that makes your heart beat faster or takes your breath away as you appreciate the awe in the moment.

Too often a person tends to look outside of themselves for those passionate moments to fulfill their lives, even though outer influences can sometimes trigger passion to arise…..but  all along the passion resides within, waiting for the opportunity to be released.  Just like the Whale breaching, the fire/passion within is smoldering, awaiting the perfect moment to turn into a roaring fire.

Passion comes in the form of a strong feeling that stirs and motivates you to do something out of the ordinary.  It causes you to take action where you would not have before.  Are you feeling the stirrings within your belly?  The card is asking you to open yourself up to your true passions and go ahead and seek out ways in which to express it.

Sexuality, the arts, music, writing, humanitarianism, healing and working to help others with compassion and love are wonderful ways in which you can express those burning fires.  Take time to express yourself in new ways and share them with the world.  In doing so you help to release those hidden desires in others through your inspirations.  Now that is what life is all about!


End of the Week: ~ EAGLE / Communion ~

What a beautiful card to finish the week.  The Eagle and the man are connecting through spirit in an intimate exchange of knowing.   eagle-wanda-virgoWhat is this knowing that they share?  That they are kindred spirits, one with each other, a spark or image of Divinity created from Source/God/Creator.   They are one with each other!

When ones sees the Eagle, they are reminded from Spirit to soar high and to raise their expectations and reach for the sky.  You do not have to be complacent and settle for a mundane existence.   Here you are encouraged to soar as an Eagle with keen eyesight/foresight to reach for a level of greatness that you are so capable of achieving.

Nature surrounds you in so many ways to remind, inspire and encourage you to connect and commune with all of life.  Whichever way you choose to do so, getting out in Nature to enjoy the plants, animals, sun, moon and stars or to take a walk on the beach, so you can truly feel how your life force is supported by what surrounds you.

The only difference between you and the Eagle is the form you have taken in this life.  Your essence, who you are emanates from Divine Source.     When you commune together during quiet times of meditation you are able to sense each other, allowing the boundaries that you have placed between you to dissolve.   As you do so, you can feel the oneness that you share and perhaps even receive a special message from your moment of unspoken communion.

I hope you have enjoyed your weekly card reading and inspired to continue you journey with excitement, encouragement and especially passion.  Be blessed this week as you enjoy your special times connecting with Nature.

Until next time, this is Sunscape
Sun. Scape. Ing your day


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