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There Is But One Key

There Is But One Key


There is but one key that leads you on your journey to seeking higher truths.  Chances are if you are reading this post you are somewhat aware of the fact that you are drawing this information to yourself. You’ve been seeking answers to some major life questions, that to date, you have been unable to get a handle on. Sound familiar? The good news is you are not alone! The majority of people are in the same type of boat, traveling down the same turbulent river, seeking the same type of answers that you are. You are about to enter into calmer waters and are getting closer to the shoreline of your understanding.

Would you like to know why? It is because you have been asking for an answer and right here, right now, in this present moment… you have gotten out of your own way long enough to reach it. Good for you! You have been working hard for quite awhile now, seeking and learning from others how to apply their methods into your personal experience so that you may get further along in your journey. Right? Great for you, you have learned a lot along the way and now find yourself here seeking the next piece of the puzzle. You are now ready to find out what key it is that you have been seeking all along.

You have been preparing yourself to be able to hear that “YOU” create your own reality. Every last little tidbit in your life, down to the minutest little detail. It all comes from you and you alone! Are you ready to believe it? Not just saying it, but really believing it to your very core, knowing beyond a shadow of doubt that it is true. Think about that for a moment……Okay, do you “know” it yet?

You’ve been seeking to know that you create your world; you are the artist, master play writer, producer and magician that holds your world all together. You only doubt that you do so because of your life’s experiences through family, society, government and the culture you have chosen to live in. All of them have been a major factor in creating the belief systems in which you have held so closely your entire life. You were taught that everything outside of you was in control of your life. That’s okay to believe in for awhile, for it does have a purpose in expanding your awareness. We have all done it too…but now it is time to let go of those old beliefs and step into higher truths.

No one can offer you the perfect path to reaching your highest truth for there are many roads that can take you there. They are all probabilities of experience until… you first accept that another persons methods will work for you. You actually have to believe without doubting, as you put into action and practice those methods to get you to your desired goal. Otherwise the methods you choose to use will not work. You first have to take it on as your own belief.

Following is a perfect example that many people are using these days….affirmations. It is the perfect modality to use to get you to believe in and accept a specific thought. You can repeat over and over and over again the same mantra to yourself, hoping to finally bring it to pass in your life. They do help, don’t get me wrong on this, but you have to first accept that affirmation as a truth before it will actually manifest into your life stream. Just saying something over and over again will not make it true for you until you break down all the self-imposed barriers and belief systems that you have previously set in place for yourself.

One of the surest and fastest ways to do that is to “know” that you create your own reality. If you are seeking answers and desiring a specific outcome in your life, then you must accept that you are the one in control of each circumstance. You create your life through every thought, every feeling and every action you take. If you are willing to accept this truth, then you are well on your way to manifesting your life from the shoreline instead of traveling upon turbulent waters.

When you are totally accepting of yourself as the creator of your experiences, you are finally open to see the “key” that opens the door to what you have been seeking your entire life. This one key circles around to one particular aspect…. “TRUST”! Whoa…did you get that huge revelation? Trust, the one thing that you will come to do as you accept every single event in your creation process.

You have come into physical reality to experience living in a world of duality. You have chosen to create circumstances in your life that will lead you upon a lifelong journey to remembering who you are. You are the creator of all the illusions in your life; the good and the bad, the light and the dark, the abundance and the lack, the health and the illnesses, the sadness and the joy. You create them so that you can remember that you are none of these. You are an essence, a spirit who has chosen to play in all of these aspects of duality which are nothing more than learned beliefs.

Now is a perfect time for you to believe in yourself. You can “trust” and “know” that you are creating events in your life that will serve your highest and best interests. No matter what comes your way, you can be assured that you will not betray yourself by bringing anything more than you can handle. It is you who have designed your journey long before you came into physicality. The path you are walking down is being perfectly created by you and those with whom you agreed to interact with in this moment of now.

Now is your time to see the final “key” to the puzzle. It is “TRUST”. You can trust in yourself to lead and guide you along your journey for you and you alone are the creator of it. Enjoy your ride to the shoreline of understanding your truth…for you have brought this to yourself.

You    Can    Trust    You!

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