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Threshold To Embodying Love

 Threshold To Embodying Love

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At the Threshold you stand. Before you lies a way of being that is beyond fear. It is a sacred passing through a karmic veil into a new life of empowerment, peace, spiritual service to humanity and joy in you own Soul.



Wow, congratulations! Look how far you have traveled to get to this point in your journey to soul awareness. Are you amazed when you look back at the number of barriers that you have had to examine from learned beliefs, that ultimately ended up not even being your own. You held onto many of those beliefs because they were so thoroughly interwoven into the fabric of your being by societal influence. You even formed some habitual behavioral patterns because they were so ingrained in you by parental and family interactions.

You have spent hours upon hours of quiet contemplation, spiraling down the meditative journey, looking backwards upon your very own belief system. It has been a bumpy road to say the least but you endured the challenges that you encountered all along the way.

The journey through the duality of your incarnate experience has led you through many deep, layers of unconscious and conscious beliefs. You have held these within you for lifetime after lifetime, beliefs and ideas of how you and the world are suppose to be. Yet, look at you now! Can you see how far you have traveled upon this path and what you have had to overcome?

Through the events that have transpired within the framework of your life’s journey, you examined the very core of your mental constructs and can now feel safe and secure in your present perspective. Right? Isn’t that the objective, to be able to stand strong in your convictions, to know beyond a shadow of doubt that you hold the keys to door of your own unfolding reality?

You are now able to see the light of the Divine that was hidden underneath the complex layers of the mind. These layers have held the dense vibrations of a lifetime of living in a dualistic environment. The vibrations of all your supposed fears have lain hidden in the shadows, residing within the mind itself. If you have taken time and looked close enough at your fears, you will have seen that they weren’t all that they were made up to be. What they presented to you after all, was an idea, a learned behavior, a thought that was taught to you and you somehow accepted it as your truth.

You have overcome much and yet here you stand anxious, as you feel your way across the threshold that is before you now. You are feeling anxious aren’t you? Your higher self is guiding you right now through the process of transcending the veils of self-imposed limiting beliefs. The veils that you believed separated you from your God, Source or Universe that you perceive as the ultimate creator has become very thin now. You have managed to tear down and rebuild a solid foundation of truth upon which you can now stand. Your awareness of the Divine essence that you are, the co-creator of your reality, is illuminating your ascension process more clearly now.

This shift before you will be the biggest one that you have had to experience yet. It is here that you will shift your perspective from a fear based one to a love based one. It is the time, right now, to fully embody the love of the Divine. There is no separation, you can now trust that the two of you are one! threshold 39

This sacred passage into knowing is your right, your souls plan, your process of becoming. The timing is of your own accord, your own Divine guidance system intuiting your journey in it’s entirety. Can you feel the impulses leading you across this threshold? Are you feeling the guidance of the souls that have gone before you assisting in this phase of transformation? Your higher self that inhabits a higher dimensional realm, is leading you all the way.

Crossing the threshold from the lower to the higher aspect of the self is truly a remarkable and sacred experience. This can be a time of surrounding yourself with those that can support you as you shift from fear, to living your life from a position of love, compassion and non-judgment of others, as well as the self. It is a time of understanding and encompassing the Love of the Divine, Source, God and All That Is.

When you stand from this perspective you can hold to your higher vibration even when you are in the midst of others who are still living from a fear-based perspective. It is then that you will find yourself able to serve others in an even greater capacity than before. If you find yourself facing fear through the process do not be disheartened or create a new story for yourself. Observe it for what it is and let it pass, as this is just your inner self releasing that which cannot align with the vibration of unconditional love.

It is time for your Divinity to embody fully the Christ Consciousness, your higher consciousness and explore the many realms and dimensions of your Divine aspects. If you are just now starting to see through your inner senses the multidimensional aspects of yourself….you are on your way. If you are feeling that there is more to embody and you are not sure of what lies before you…..your last tinge of fear may be about to surface. Do not be afraid for it is time to face it head on for what it is, only a learned idea, a thought that you have believed that you are less than who you really are. Transcend that fear now! Embrace the process by embodying the Divinity that you are and express the Divine Love flowing through you out into your corner of the world. The energy going through the rest of this summer is to make it your focused intention to embrace this passage wholeheartedly into the unknown.

Are you ready and willing to embrace this threshold? Remember there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Be encouraged as you go forward into the higher aspect of the self, knowing, that you and you alone are the one that has brought you to this point in your souls journey. Are you going to fear that which you are guiding yourself into….I thought not!

Enjoy the passage over your “Threshold”.

Until next time, this is Sunscape

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