trusting intuitive impulses

Trusting Intuitive Impulses


Trusting Intuitive Impulses

~ Energy Insights ~

August 2015

Hello everyone! Join me in welcoming another week of uplifting, positive energy flowing out from within. Great job, by the way. I love that you are all becoming so much more aware of how you are the creator of your own personal reality. Can you feel the shift within you, can you see the changes in how your life unfolds according to your personal perspective? Good, I am glad you are!

I know you are coming along just as you imagined you would and with perfect timing too. You planned specific triggers as signs to guide you through the learning process, at the level of growth you wanted to experience during your journey through this focused reality. Awesome news right? Isn’t it fantastic to know that “you” are your very own lighthouse, that you carry within you a beacon to follow throughout your entire lifetime. It is known as “intuitive impulses”, now that is something worth putting your trust in. Trust being the operative word here. 😉

I chose the photo I took of this Swallowtail butterfly enjoying the nectar of the sunflower. It is following it’s intuitive, instincts in the moment of now, totally trusting in it’s inner guidance system. How appropriate for this article, as it is one way we can see through watching how nature shows us the simplicity in which life can be experienced.

Somehow, it never ceases to amaze me when I have one of those “ah hah” moments, when suddenly the light bulb goes off in my mind and I finally get it. You know what I mean, asking and seeking for an answer to something, waiting upon your higher self to unveil it to you. How many times do you ask over and over again, yet sometimes not even seeing what is right in front of you, and has been for quite some time. The answer usually comes subtly, with little scenarios playing out during your day, usually during interactions with other people you know. It starts with a nudge, a little poke, a feeling that gets you riled up a bit. That is your first glimpse that the answer you were seeking is showing up for you to see.

Of course, you might not have recognized that interaction as the way you would receive an answer to what you were seeking, but guess what? If you missed it, what happens is another interaction will come along with a familiar theme, different players, but the same message trying to come through. Depending on how aware you are of your personal co-creative process, will determine how many times you go through the same scenario to get you to see the answer you’ve been seeking.

Trusting in yourself is the key ingredient, you hold the knowledge within you for the answers to all the questions you seek. Without “trust” you cannot take the necessary and fulfilling step of living the results of what you are learning. For isn’t that what life is all about, putting into practice that which you have learned. To enter into that space of knowing, which propels you forward on your journey to awareness of who your are.

If you are reading this article, you have led yourself here. You already know that you have a portion of All That Is, Source, directed and focused within your aspect right now, here experiencing events through your personality, your essence. If you know this…that you and Source are connected, one with each other, then “trusting” your self should not be an issue. There is no separation between you, so the guidance, the intuition, the impulses leading you to go a certain way, to do something new or follow that feeling that you cannot deny, is your answer…the beacon that lights and guides your way.

Trust your impulses, let them lead you without fear of the unknown, for you are the one leading and guiding the way. Why would you distrust yourself? Do you not believe you are one with Source and here to experience events that will yield benefits for your expansion? Source…you…are formed one within the other…would either of you choose something to experience that would not promote an atmosphere of growth, I think not!

The loving essence of Source, All That Is, permeates and sustains life throughout myriads of galaxies. Isn’t it wonderful that you can “trust” and take solace, knowing that your existence is strengthened, supported and refreshed from the very same essence, within your very own being.

Indeed the two of you are one! Go ahead “trust intuitive impulses” be inspired and let your soul be the beacon on your journey to awareness.

Following is a poem I was inspired to write this week titled “Impulses”

~ Impulses ~

As I sat contemplating
My day ahead.
The planner filled in…
Today, I already dread.

trusting intuitive impulsesWill time allow
So many tasks
I hold within my head?
Still unfolding, yes I see…
Today, I will still dread.

Wait, what’s this
Enveloping me?
A distraction perhaps
To my daily routine,
Illuminating my path, so it seems.

A fleeting thought,
A stirring in my head,
Let it all go, trust…
Be free instead.

As the impulse came
As quick as I knew,
Something said
This day don’t dread,
Whispering softly within my head.

Imagining… I followed my heart
As the impulse grew,
That creative moment
Rising up from within,
Leading, guiding me… be free instead.

Now, I can see after all
That my day of dread,
Came to be a connection
With my Soul instead.

– Wanda Virgo

Until next time, this is Sunscape

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