Petrified Wood The Stone of Patience

petrified wood patience

PETRIFIED WOOD  Fossilized Wood Element ~ Earth Chakras ~ Root – Third Eye Hardness 6.5 -7 Petrified wood is a member of the Quartz family, even though the piece looks like a stone, it is not. It has in fact turned to Silicon dioxide. This is considered the Stone of Patience, reminding us of the … Read more…

Prehnite Enhances Nature Connections


PREHNITE Color ~ Light Green, yellow and translucent Element ~ Earth, Water Chakra  ~ 3rd – Solar Plexus  & 4th  – Heart Affirmation ~ I willingly follow my hearts highest desire in service to myself and others for our highest good. Connecting with Mother Earth and natures energies are so much nicer when you carry … Read more…

Orange Calcite The Solar Stone

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite Element ~ Fire Chakras ~ 2nd Chakra -Sexual-Creativ, 3rd Chakra -Solar Plexus Origin ~ Brazil Affirmation ~ I enjoy creatively manifesting  so that I have the best in life through all dimensions of me. An intensely energizing, cleansing stone for the lower Chakra’s. It is used to detoxify your physical body and to … Read more…


yellow jasper

YELLOW JASPER Element ~ Earth  Chakras ~ Solar Plexus Astrological Sign ~ Capricorn, Gemini & Leo Numerical Vibration ~ #6 Hardness ~ 7 This is a wonderful stone to enhance your endurance levels by increasing the levels of chi energy running through your body. The frequencies of Yellow Jasper are wonderful for increasing your vitality, … Read more…

Citrine Crystals for Manifesting Abundance

citrine crystal stones

 “The Stone of Success” Chakra ~ Solar Plexus – center of physical & material power Color ~ Transparent Yellow – Communication Astrological Signs ~ Gemini, Aries, Libra, and Leo Birthstone ~ November and June   Numerical Vibration ~ #6 Tumbled Citrine is generally heat treated Amethyst, which brings about the golden yellow to brown color.  Considered … Read more…

Cleansing Sage Vibes

smudging cleanses vibes

“Cleansing Sage Vibes”

Cleansing with Sage is a wonderful way to clear your personal space of any unwanted vibrational energies that may be stagnant in your Aura body, home, office or car.

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Rutilated Quartz for Power-Packed Vibes

rutilated quartz tumbled

RUTILATED QUARTZ Color  ~ Translucent clear with copper, golden or silver – black Rutiles Chakras ~ All Element ~ Storm Hardness ~ 7 Rutiles ~ 6 – 6.5 Origin ~ Brazil or Madagascar Rutilated Quartz is a combination of clear or Smokey Quartz with inclusions of Rutiles (Titanium dioxide) that look like fine hairs within … Read more…