Fluorite Organizes Physical Energetic Patterns

fluorite stones

Getting Organized with Fluorite A Personal Story     Fluorite crystals to the rescue!   One night I had a dream that was so interesting.  I had been seeking the right stone to assist my husband with an physical issue.  I began by asking my higher-self, the angels and my guides to show me which ones … Read more…

Journey Through July 2015


Journey Through July   Energy Insights via Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor Welcome to the wonderful energies of July. This month feels awesome, lighter and more optimistic compared to the last month which seemed at times confusing and stagnant. Can you feel the shift in the vibrations from June to July? I can’t … Read more…

Smokey Quartz Protection Stone

smokey quartz

SMOKEY QUARTZ Key Words ~ Grounding, Protection, Manifesting Chakra ~ 1st – Root, 3rd – Solar Plexus Element ~ Earth Astrological Sign ~ Capricorn, Scorpio, Sagittarius Numerical Vibration ~ 2 & 8 Color ~ Translucent clear to brownish hue, sometimes yellowish Affirmation ~ “I AM totally centered and grounded  on the Earth plane” Used for … Read more…

Awareness Broadens Your Horizons

awareness third eye

“Awareness”  is this weeks focus, the energy coming through  the cards is offering clarity and expansion to all who are ready to move forward.  Just like the different phases or cycles of the moon,  awareness of the cycle that you are in can bring you great insight.  The first card pulled was the “Sixth Chakra … Read more…

Archangel Uriel and Seventh Chakra

archangel uriel

Spirit Connections – Intuition – Inspiration “Energy Oracle Deck” by Sandra Anne Taylor ~Affirmation ~ “My Crown Chakra is open and receptive to inspiration from Spirit and my intuition flows freely to me now”   Archangel Uriel is brilliantly depicted in this beautiful card for this weeks energy.  Often called the Fire of God, Uriel … Read more…

Choose Today To….

choose today to


Choose Today To….

Are you feeling the wonderful energies that are streaming in from the Universe recently?   If you have been; you are perhaps sensing some excitement welling up within you, joyful feelings are stirring from the depths of your being and you go around smiling at nothing in particular, as you anticipate what is headed your way.    Ahhhh the wonder of the Universe!

It is an amazing time for you to be here on this journey you’ve chosen to experience!   You are being guided by your higher self, spiritual guides and angels to release that which used to give you a sense of comfort.   It is time to look at what no longer serves you for your personal higher good and  the highest good of all.  It is time for you to step into the wonder, the magic, the perfection that has been yours all along.   It is time to see the limitless possibilities that are available for you today.   Are you ready?  You only have to ~ Ask ~ Release ~ Allow ~ Receive ~ Enjoy!

Today is as good a day as any, to begin your inward journey to the full awareness of who you truly are.   It is time to REMEMBER all that you have forgotten when you came into the Earth to experience duality.  You are so much more than you perceive at this moment in time, so “Awaken and REMEMBER”  that you already are your higher self existing in higher realms, speaking and guiding you at all times.  Go ahead and take that first step…..

Today you can choose to ….
√  Step outside your comfort zone
ツShed self-imposed limiting beliefs
∞ Reach for infinite possibilities
ღ Give yourself permission to be free
to experience your highest desires

Ω   So It Is!

Until next time, this is Sunscape
Sun. Scape. Ing your day

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Prehnite Enhances Nature Connections


PREHNITE Color ~ Light Green, yellow and translucent Element ~ Earth, Water Chakra  ~ 3rd – Solar Plexus  & 4th  – Heart Affirmation ~ I willingly follow my hearts highest desire in service to myself and others for our highest good. Connecting with Mother Earth and natures energies are so much nicer when you carry … Read more…