Fire Quartz Energizes, Uplifts & Clarifies

fire quartz

FIRE QUARTZ  Key Words ~ Clarity, Concentration, Self-Esteem Chakra ~ 1st – Root, 2nd – Sacral, 3rd – Solar Plexus Element ~ Fire Astrological Sign ~ Scorpio Numerical Vibration ~ 7 Hardness ~ 7 Color ~ Opaque with Hematite inclusions Names ~ Hematoid Quartz/Harlequin Quartz Affirmation ~ “I AM confident in my connection with Spirit … Read more…

Heart Chakra Balancing

heart chakra expansion

Heart Chakra   Do you desire the experience of unconditional acceptance and love from the people in your life?  If you look around and listen to the conversations of friends, co-workers and family…many of those conversations will involve the topic of love in one form or another.   Love after all is the premise or … Read more…

Bloodstone Brings Strength Courage Vitality


BLOODSTONE Key Words ~ Strength, purify, courage, vitality Chakra ~ 1st Base/ Root Element ~ Earth Zodiac Sign ~ Aries, Libra & Pisces Affirmation ~ “I am renewed with energy, vitality & strength in my physical body which operates at full capacity & in complete harmony with All That Is Bloodstone is used to ground … Read more…

Apache Tears Grounding Stone to Gaia

apache tears

Apache Tears ~ Brown Obsidian Key Words ~ Grounding, protection, emotional clearing Color ~ Mottled black, white and grey, usually water worn Chakra ~1st – Root, 2nd – Sacral, 4th – Heart Element ~Earth, Fire Affirmation ~ I am grounded in my home, the Earth, and I am safe and protected.  I release all that … Read more…

Sacral Chakra Energy Center

sacral chakra stones

 Sacral Chakra Energy Center Your Sacral Chakra Energy Center lies just below your naval and is often called the center of “ones own place”.   This is your power center or life force energy center, it is this center that most accurately expresses  your creative ideas, self-expression and joy.   Through this center comes the manifestations of … Read more…

RUBY FUCHSITE Integration Stone

ruby fuchsite

RUBY  FUCHSITE   Ruby Fuchsite’s combination of elements send out wonderful energies in all areas of life.  It opens up the crown Chakra to connect oneself with the soul level to help you on your spiritual journey while enhancing ones understanding of love at a higher level or vibration.   Key Words ~ Clairvoyant – … Read more…

Cleansing Sage Vibes

smudging cleanses vibes

“Cleansing Sage Vibes”

Cleansing with Sage is a wonderful way to clear your personal space of any unwanted vibrational energies that may be stagnant in your Aura body, home, office or car.

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