Creating in the Present Moment

Creating and manifesting

Creating in the Present Moment Intent = Desire = Manifesting Creating in the present moment is you continuously drawing to yourself information for your own excellent expression of expansion.  Ask yourself these following questions to get a feel for where you are at in this present moment in time. What have I been creating? What … Read more…

Pink Mangano Calcite Opens Hearts

pink mangano calcite

Pink Mangano Calcite   Key Words ~Well-Being, Compassion , Oneness Chakra ~ 4th – Heart Element ~ Fire Astrological Sign ~ Cancer, Libra, Taurus Numerical Vibration ~ 4, 55 Hardness ~ 2.5 – 3 Origin ~ Brazil, Peru Affirmation ~ “I AM one with my Higher Self, accepting of all aspects of me.  I see … Read more…

Choose Today To….

choose today to


Choose Today To….

Are you feeling the wonderful energies that are streaming in from the Universe recently?   If you have been; you are perhaps sensing some excitement welling up within you, joyful feelings are stirring from the depths of your being and you go around smiling at nothing in particular, as you anticipate what is headed your way.    Ahhhh the wonder of the Universe!

It is an amazing time for you to be here on this journey you’ve chosen to experience!   You are being guided by your higher self, spiritual guides and angels to release that which used to give you a sense of comfort.   It is time to look at what no longer serves you for your personal higher good and  the highest good of all.  It is time for you to step into the wonder, the magic, the perfection that has been yours all along.   It is time to see the limitless possibilities that are available for you today.   Are you ready?  You only have to ~ Ask ~ Release ~ Allow ~ Receive ~ Enjoy!

Today is as good a day as any, to begin your inward journey to the full awareness of who you truly are.   It is time to REMEMBER all that you have forgotten when you came into the Earth to experience duality.  You are so much more than you perceive at this moment in time, so “Awaken and REMEMBER”  that you already are your higher self existing in higher realms, speaking and guiding you at all times.  Go ahead and take that first step…..

Today you can choose to ….
√  Step outside your comfort zone
ツShed self-imposed limiting beliefs
∞ Reach for infinite possibilities
ღ Give yourself permission to be free
to experience your highest desires

Ω   So It Is!

Until next time, this is Sunscape
Sun. Scape. Ing your day

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Independence Within Relationships

independence card reading

This weeks reading is from the deck “The Mirror Cards” by Geoff Charley & Lucy Lidell  “INDEPENDENCE” “Most seek to be lost in the ‘two in one’, but it is the finding of the One in two that is the prize” The energy of this card is is twofold for this week; as it will … Read more…

Reality Your Perception Your Truth

reality card reading

This weeks reading is from the deck “The Mirror Cards” by Geoff Charley & Lucy Lidell. I will be focusing upon “one” card to represent the entire focus for this week. Reality Your Perception Your Truth It is the second week of January 2015, New Years Eve has come and gone with your new resolutions … Read more…