Advice Tarot Card December 2018

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Pick an advice tarot card from the following to receive this weeks timely advice that your spirit/soul guides would like to share with you.

  • Choose the card that feels right to you, number 1, 2 or number 3.
  • Choose before you scroll down to see what the cards have to say.
  • Enjoy this magical and fun way to see what spirit has to say to you.
  • This is purely for entertainment purposes only.
  • If you are drawn to a second card as well, then that would represent an underlying energetic movement working in your field as well. 

This weeks reading is from the Card Deck

I will be sharing the information on each card according to his/her interpretations found in the guide book that accompanies the deck, along with my own intuitive thoughts on the card pulled. Enjoy!

Advice Tarot Card 1

Three of Swords Reversed

Are you beginning to feel a bit of release from all the drama or even trauma that has been influencing your life over the past few months or even years?  This card in the upright always signifies a time of serious upheaval in your circumstances, but most often it is within your love relationships.   It may just be that you have been dealing with a partner that has not been forthright with you.  Or, perhaps that someone has not lived up to your expectations and you have felt unloved or perhaps even used in someway.  

Since this advice tarot card came in the reverse position,this is good news for you.   It is trying to show you that some of the pain and hurt feelings are starting to slowly heal and you’re able to begin releasing those blocked emotions that have been guarding your heart so tightly.  You have held that pain inside for so long that you hardened your heart so much that you can’t even cry about it any longer.  The advice card is gently trying to let you know that the hidden pain from the depths of you being are wanting to come to the surface so that you can face the truth of your situation once and for all.  

Can you feel that you are starting to heal from those daggers that pierced your heart?   Can you sense that this is so for you at this time? I hope you can, because it is time for you to start to let it all go and allow your heart to open up once again.  Can you sense the cry for freedom from within?  It is nudging you, guiding you, and asking you to accept your own personal role in the relationship or circumstance that sent you spiraling downward.  It always takes two to tangle, so to speak, and you are not without responsibility in what has taken place in your life.  

It would do you well to acknowledge your role as well as the others role while you begin to seek clarity on what went wrong to begin with.   May your road to discovery encourage you to move forward with freedom of choice and hope for a greater future ahead.  Blessed Be.

Advice Tarot Card 2

Ten of Wands

Wow, look at your advice tarot card this week, your hands are overloaded and you are on the move.  Where are you going?  You can’t even see where you are headed, yet you are pressing on anyway.  I can see that you have decided to drop a couple of your ideas as you head down your road to the unknown.  Perhaps you are gathering up your energy and resources as you prepare for a particular situation.   Even though you may feel a bit impeded with your progress of late, you are nevertheless making progress towards your goal.  

The advice tarot card is also signifying you should be couscous not to overburden your daily routine. You risk causing extra stress on your physical and mental bodies that you do not need at this time.  Your great ideas started out small, became larger over time, and now you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Perhaps you are seeking clarity on what your next move should be.  Be patient with the process, let go of any feelings of being trapped with no specific direction appearing to you.  

You do not want to risk focusing on the lack of direction,and risk pushing it farther and farther from view.   As where you place your focus is where your energy goes and brings more of the same right back to you.   Let go of any specific expectations of how you think something should be, or even how the universe might deliver it to you.   You do not want to risk limiting what you are seeking in any way.   Just relax and allow it to flow to you naturally.  Envisioning how you would feel when you receive your answer is always a great place to start.   Feel it, see it already in process and how happy it makes you. This is a better outlook than worry or feeling a sense of lack concerning what you are seeking.   Sit back and let it unfold naturally for you, the final piece of the puzzle will soon arrive.   Namaste

Advice Tarot Card 3

7 of Cups

Well here you are picking the 7 of cups, this advice tarot card represents indecision, lack of clear direction and the inability to make decisions. On the other hand, it can also mean that you are holding on too tightly to the reigns and trying to keep your life neat and tidy.  The number 7 is all about the little tests, which when presented to you, will help you to get refocused and your head out of the clouds.  You may be spending too much time daydreaming and not paying much attention to all the details that are important.   Or, you may be overly taxed with work or personal projects and are feeling stretched a bit too thin these days.  This is the perfect opportunity to see what you can do to turn things around before you become too overwhelmed.

Your advice tarot card this week is asking you to notice where you focus most of your attention.  Are you stressing out over trivial things, that in the long run really do not matter that much.  Perhaps you are at the point where you don’t care about anything because you have been pushing way to hard and now you are too burnt out to care. 

If you are always striving for perfection, loosen up a bit and get rid of some of your ridged ways.   If on the other side of the coin, you find yourself being to lax in your daily routine, it is then time for you to refocus your attention to more details.   However you find yourself at this moment, do yourself a favor and see where you can change things up a bit to make your life a little less complicated and allow yourself some space to enjoy life a bit more than you have been.   Life is meant to be fun, go and enjoy!

This weeks Spirit Guidance

I hope you enjoyed this weeks advice tarot card reading. I will continue to post weekly cards on Mondays using various decks to keep it interesting. I look forward to you following me for the weekly spirit guidance. Thank you for stopping by my post, I hope you had fun and found inspiration today.

Until next time, this is Sunscape…

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