Energetic Spirit Guidance by Sunscape August 2018

Sunscape’s Weekly Cards

Pick a card from the following to receive this weeks
energetic advice that your spirit/soul guides
would like to share with you.


  • Choose the card that feels right to you, number 1, 2 or number 3.
  • Choose before you scroll down to see what the cards have to say.
  • Enjoy this magical and fun way to see what spirit has to say to you.
  • This is purely for entertainment purposes only.
  • If you are drawn to a second card as well, then that would represent an underlying energetic movement working in your field as well.

    This weeks reading is from the Card Deck



by Sandra Anne Taylor

I will be sharing the information on each card
according to his/her interpretations found in the guidebook
that accompanies the deck, along with my own
intuitive thoughts on the energetic card pulled. Enjoy!


Energetic Guidance Card 1 – No. 52

Goddess of the Moon



Intuition, Going Within


This energetic insight card show an eternal spirit holding the bright, reflective moon and standing in front of the crystal clear waters of a sparkling waterfall. Her arms are stretched upward, receiving the light of the moon, the light of inspiration.

This is all about intuition, the ability to receive insights from your soul’s point of view. Receiving the card upright tells you that you have the power to get intuitive information on all types of issues, and now is the time to use it! The Goddess of the Moon brings you all sorts of information, from the mundane to the spectacular. For instance, you could get the urge to take a different route home from work and find out later that you’ve avoided a three-hour traffic jam. You might have an idea for a great invention, a stock investment, or a spellbinding novel. This energetic card could also indicate a significant blossoming of psychic ability and medium-ship – even on a professional level.

You’re always blessed with this ability to connect, but this energetic insight card is telling you that now is the perfect time to open up. Get ready for the amazing inspiration

“I have a strong intuitive voice. I freely receive guidance, and I understand and trust the messages I receive.



Energetic Guidance Card 2 – No. 4

Happy Family Reversed



Closeness, fun and caring


When the “Happy Family” card comes in reversed, it indicates a separation or emotional distance from family members or close friends. This disconnect may be from your family of origin, such as your parents or siblings, or it may be that something is standing between you and your present family members, whether it be you children or your spouse.

There could be some hostilities that need to be worked out, or perhaps some fences that need to be mended. Communication and patience may be called for here, so let you intuition be your guide.

Remember, real healing starts when you choose to become your own loving parent, sibling, spouse, friend, or child. The lesson in every relationship is self-honoring, and sometimes the karma is just to let go.


I open myself to a new and deeper experience of family, and I am ready to see greater happiness there. I know that I am the loving family that I need.



Energetic Guidance Card 3 – No. 47

The Thinking Woman



Female of Wisdom or Understanding


This energetic card reversed could represent a difficult time for your own personal growth. You may be feeling confused about your personal purpose or disconnected from your heart’s true path. Look within and open up to your own inner guidance. Trust your intuition about what you need to learn in order to move on.

The Thinking Woman reversed could also indicate a woman who is misleading you or giving you misinformation of some sort. Be aware and set some personal boundaries for yourself. Remember you own spirit is always your best guide and will not lead you astray!


“I open my mind and heart to my own inner wisdom. I am thoughtful, focused, and clear.”



This weeks Energetic Guidance



I hope you enjoyed this weeks card reading. I will continue to post weekly cards on Mondays using various decks to keep it interesting. I look forward to you following me for the weekly spirit guidance. Thank you for stopping by my post, I hope you had fun and found inspiration today.

Until next time, this is Sunscape…

Sun. Scape. Ing your day


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