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Pick a card from the following to receive this weeks
timely advice that your spirit/soul guides
would like to share with you.


  • Choose the card that feels right to you, number 1, 2 or number 3.
  • Choose before you scroll down to see what the cards have to say.
  • Enjoy this magical and fun way to see what spirit has to say to you.
  • This is purely for entertainment purposes only.
  • If you are drawn to a second card as well, then that would represent an underlying energetic movement working in your field as well.



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This weeks reading is from the Card Deck

Energy Oracle

by Sandra Anne Taylor

I will be sharing the information on each card according to his/her interpretations

found in the guidebook that accompanies the deck. Enjoy!

Guidance Card 1

Sixth Chakra
Archangel Metatron

energy guidance cards

Clarity of Thought, Personal Vision

The very powerful Archangel Metatron brings brilliant indigo vibrations to your brow chakra or Third Eye which is the center devoted to insight and clear thought. When this card appears, it indicates a much greater clarity in your thought process and an expanded perspective toward broader horizons. Some new perceptions are taking hold, and the clouds of confusion are clearing. In some ways, this could be anew beginning, for you’re on your way to enveloping a deeper insight about what’s going on in you life and why.

Now is the time to focus on your personal vision. What do you want your life to look like in the years ahead? Create a clear picture of that and support it with your daily thoughts. The insight you need to create a vibrant life is available to you now.



“My sixth chakra is open to its perfect, healthy state. My personal vision guides me, and my thoughts are peaceful and clear.”
“With clear intentions I set my site on the goals that have been stirring in my heart.”



Guidance Card 2

Walking Away


energy guidance cards

Letting go, Moving on

This energy guidance card shows someone walking away from an existing situation. She is closing the gate behind her and is walking away into a misty, unknown future. This reveals that it could be time for you to make a similar decision. There may be something that you’re finished with, perhaps a career goal, a relationship, or a long-term experience of any kind.

The familiarity of the situation may be enticing, but you’re now ready to look at your options on the open road ahead. In reality, and important new beginning is at hand.

This energy card also indicates that now would be a good time to let go of an old habit, emotional pattern, or false belief. No matter how deeply engrained a negative pattern may be, you now have the power to release it and move on to a freer, healthier way of thinking and relating to yourself and others.

Whether it’s in the inner or outer world, this card is telling you that you have the readiness and resources to walk away from the old an move forward now.



“It is safe and comfortable for me to move on. I consider all my options and then take action on my own behalf.”



Guidance Card 3

Fourth Chakra
Archangel Raphael


energy guidance cards

Love, Compassion, and Self-Acceptance

Your energy guidance comes from Archangel Raphael who extends a beautiful green energy surrounded by gentle waves of pink to your heart center. This card indicates that you now have a greater readiness to receive love from others as well as from yourself. It could also indicate that a much-needed healing from a previous broken heart is taking place.

The tender vibrations of Raphael remind you to encourage yourself with the compassionate self-talk that you desire to hear from others. Know that as you do, the light from your heart center will shine with and irresistible beauty and the Universe will send people and situations that cause your sense of love and support to grow and grow.



“My heart center, my fourth chakra, is open to its perfect, healthy and joyful state. The energy of love flows through me now. I live in love.”


This weeks Spirit Guidance


energy guidance cards

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this weeks card reading. I will continue to post weekly cards on Mondays using various decks to keep it interesting. I look forward to you following me for the weekly spirit guidance. Thank you for stopping by my post, I hope you had fun and found inspiration today.

Until next time, this is Sunscape…

Sun. Scape. Ing your day



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