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This weeks reading is from the Oracle Card Deck

Lightworker Oracle

by Alana Fairchild


I will be sharing the information on each card according to his/her interpretations found in the guidebook that accompanies the deck. I am writing them word for word, as that is how Oracle Card Readings are done. Enjoy!

Lightworker Card 1



While some could have incarnated to learn about ‘us and them’, others have the purpose of teaching unconditional, all-embracing love. You are one of these. You have taken life to love the many, not just a few.

For this life purpose to be anchored, issues in your biological family may keep you from bonding with them in a typical way. Perhaps you were the odd one out in your family, the one whom no one really understood. Perhaps you felt loved, but couldn’t live the way your family seemed comfortable to live. Maybe you lost family members through divorce, disease, depression, and death – or through addiction or emotional immaturity that left you disconnected from key family members.

If you father figure was absent, whilst you must do the emotional healing work to process that pain, understand the purpose of that absence: for you own spiritual connection to remain intact, pure and powerful. If your mother figure was absent, whilst you are advised to do the emotional work to process that pain, understand the purpose of that absence: for you to look beyond your immediate family to find your “place” and find yourself belonging to and being devoted to the entire human race.

The pain was part of how you remained unconditioned by the more typical family bonds. Whilst these bonds are necessary for many souls to experience their life lessons, the difficulty you may have experienced regarding them helped push you to become a child of love. You had to seek ‘family’ in expansive ways, remaining open as you searched for love, rather than feeling satisfied by you immediate tribe and closed to those outside it.

You can come through your experience, not as a victim of circumstance, but as an empowered soul. Process it, heal, forgive and step into the spiritual blessings gained through your atypical relations with your biological family of origin, you shall not be denied the love you need. You are here to help build a human family joined by more than blood or legal union. It will not just be you loving the world, bu the world loving you. The power of your heart to give and receive love shall not be wasted.

So it is time to gently undo the patterns of attempting to fit in. Instead, trust that you are exactly as you were as you were meant to be. When you do, your magnetism will draw love and friendship from those who vibrate at a similar level of consciousness to you. Leave past hurts and rejection behind. You no longer need them to grow.

Be brave. Pray to connect to your family of light, not only in spirit but also here on Earth. Let them in. Know that you belong here in spirit and in body, to be loved, held, touched, listened to and accepted, just as you are.

Lightworker Invocation: I choose, of my own free will, to receive all assistance from unconditional love so I can peacefully process any unresolved hurt, rejection, abandonment, judgement or betrayal. I have learned how to love more unconditionally through my experience. I have learned that love allows all beings to freely choose how they wish to live. I wish to live with openness, love, and connection, in spirit and in the flesh, with those who can accept my love and love me, too.

Lightworker Card 2




An open, sensitive person can easily become energetically overloaded. From physical pain to emotional and psychological tension, an overload does not feel good! You may even feel like you are carrying others on you back – or in your head! The added weight can dray your naturally light vibration down into anguish, doubt, fear or despair. Your inner vision, too, may be obscured by the overload. That can make it hard to discern what is yours and what belongs to another.

Whether experiencing overload to your system is an unusual occurrence for you, or you have a tendency to absorb and process other’ energies (common for healers, psychics and mediums, artists and other sensitive, open people), you will benefit from a spiritual cleansing. Afterwards you may feel less inclined to connect with particular people or work on a certain ideas – even if they seemed very important before the cleanse. This means that you are freeing yourself from other’s input and discerning the true priorities of your own heart.

To accept a spiritual cleansing now, repeat the invocation below and then relax as long as you need. Pay particular attention to what you sense immediately after your cleansing. It is a time when you may become very aware of just who or what has been draining you, and be able to lovingly but firmly say, “you must leave my energy field now, and not return without my permission, so be it!

This oracle is also confirmation for those of you who have been questioning if a relationship, person or situation has been draining you or transferring negative energies or thoughts into your energy field. Your insight are correct, and you can now use this energy clearing process to remove the cords of attachment and release any negative energy from that person or situation.

Lightworker Invocation: I call upon unconditionally loving divine protection. The sacred chamber of light, the merkaba of divine light, is around me now. I choose, of my own free will, under divine authority and grace, to release any and all connections content and contaminants that do not serve me, through unconditional love. I choose to take my life journey in the most joyful and loving way possible. I open to divine grace for cleansing and protection of my integrity at all times. I am free to simply be in the truth of me. May all beings be blessed and protected! May all beings be happy and free. Through my own free will, so be it.

Lightworker Card 3




Working with group energy is a leap on the spiritual path, with risk, but also great reward in terms of empowerment to manifest your life mission. The risk with group energy is mitigated when you approach it from the hear, rather that the head. The mind can argue one point of view and then immediately – and convincingly! – argue its opposite. The heart, however, either feels something resonates or it doesn’t – whether or not there is a logical explanation for it. The mid can be seduced by those who tell yo they have great spiritual power. But this will instantly trigger intuitive ‘warning bells’ in your hear, for those with genuine power do not need to convince you of it.

The heart is the key to deciding where you offer your devotion. When you offer devotion to the group consciousness that loves you unconditionally, your heart feels safe, loved and an inner knowing of the rightness of that group for you – whether that group exists on the earthly plane or in a spiritual dimension. For as long as it gives you life, broadens your horizons, nourishes your truths and empowers you to live your destiny, that group is serving you. If you do not experience these positive effects, if you feel drained, confused or that your issues are not resolving as you work with this group, listen carefully to your heart and question whether it is indeed the right place for you to be.

It is important to also work with groups that you can serve. Although you may love your family, for example, they might not be the group you can best serve. Perhaps those who are open, willing and receptive to your spiritual gifts are outside your family. Perhaps your family can benefit spiritually from you in the role of mother, or son, or daughter but not in the role of spiritual mentor.

On the other hand, some groups may want to feed off you, but not learn to do for themselves. They may wish for you to give them the answers to their problems. They may not be willing to develop the trust, courage, confidence and empowerment that is required to take responsibility for their own relationship to the Universe – which is needed so they can grow in soul wisdom through their life experiences. Your heart may guide you to withdraw your services from such people because you love them and want them to grow.

Your heart will guide you to operate differently with different people. You may be guided to explore hobbies or interests that lead you to the next group that your presence can assist. The heart will also guide you when it is time to move on. The transmission of the hear gives a truthful assessment of the interaction of your frequency with the frequency of a group. Is it mutually raised? Then this is a spiritual constructive connection. Is it diminished? This will not be so helpful. The heart empowers you to know when to work with others, for how long and in what way. Trust it! The more that you do, the more groups which can bring great benefit to you and to the planet, can enter into your world.

Lightworker Invocation: I have gratitude now for the heart transmission that guide me through universal love into the group consciousness that can best serve the greatest good and my own divine destiny.



This weeks spirit guidance from the Lightworker deck

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