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relationship guidance

This weeks reading is from the Card Deck

The Mirror Cards

by Geoff Charley & Lucy Lidell

I will be sharing the information on each card according
to his/her interpretations found in the guidebook
that accompanies the deck, along with my own
intuitive thoughts on the card pulled. Enjoy!


Relationship Guidance Card 1



relationship guidance

No. 22 – If your drowning, it’s worth spending
a moment checking which way is up.

Objectivity is the ability to step back from our emotions in order to gain a clearer perspective. Bye moving away from subjectivity, we can see our own and others behavior free of emotional distortion.

You may appear to be so involved in the emotional drama of your situation that you have lost sight of the broader picture. Are you feeling stuck or confused and finding yourself reacting to other people, rather than choosing your own direction?

What’s needed is an overview of what is happening. If you only identify with your emotions, you lose perspective on your life. And you may well be overwhelmed by your own or your partner’s emotional reactions.

Clarity comes from being in the place of the wise, objective observer, that part of us that cannot be pulled or pushed but merely sees. Imagine yourself stepping out of the drama of your life for a while. Come down off the stage and spend some time sitting in the audience, watching yourself and the other actors in the play. For wisdom lies in objectivity.

What is the plot here? What are the intentions of the various characters? How do you feel about them and their behavior? From this place of wisdom, would you like to change what your character says or does?

Objectivity provides the space to see more clearly through our emotions, not only to the manipulations that may be happening, but also to the beautiful things that we might otherwise miss. It demands maturity, for being subject to our emotions is the place of either the child, who lays the blame on others, or the adolescent, who can’t resist the thrill of the emotional roller-coaster.

While a subjective perspective might be: ‘He doesn’t love me’, an objective perspective could be: ‘He’s scared of loving’, or ‘I’m very needy of him’. ‘I feel worthless’ might become ‘I’m scared of succeeding’. Do you see how different they sound.

Without objectivity it’s easy to feel like a victim, subject to experiences that seem beyond your control. But once you discover how to step back, you can start to recognize the unhealthy patterns you weave into relationships and learn how they ultimately undermine you.

Become the eagle circling high above the ground, whose vision stretches to the far horizons, yet takes in the smallest detail below. Observe your present situation within the context of the panorama of you life. And recognize that you are the only one with the potential to see your life as it really is. `



Relationship Guidance Card 2


relationship guidance

No. 20 – Letting go is releasing that which no longer benefits us

This relationship guidance card indicates that you need to consciously let go of something, someone, a way of being or even all three! Whatever it is, you have outgrown the need for it, but are finding it difficult to release.

Besides clinging out of habit, what ties us to things and people we have outgrown is primarily the fear that if we let go, nothing and no-one will ever take their place. So we dig in our heels and hold tight to what we know.

When one door closes, another door opens, and this card is symbolic of a progressive change that is waiting to happen. But only you can initiate it by releasing the old, and thereby making space for the new.

This is probably a stressful and confusing time for you. You may be aware of an inner voice urging you to make the decision to let go, but you are hesitating, sensing you would be moving into unknown territory. Perhaps you’re struggling to hold on to something or somebody. Maybe you’re fighting off the inevitable. Ether way, you must be feeling tired from all the effort!

In situations like this, it is tempting to hope that time, a magical being or the universe will intercede, removing the need for us to act. But that is precisely what cannot happen, when the need is to learn about letting go and plunging into the unknown. If we always played safe, we would end up going round a very small circle of experiences, learning very little.
It seems like you are sitting on a raft on a fast-flowing river, but you are still by the bank and holding on to a branch.

Perhaps you can see a few boulders downstream that look hazardous. You are understandably concerned at leaving this place of safety; worried where the river will take you and whether you can survive the rocky ride. But the river knows where it’s going, for this is your river of life.

Allow it to take you where you need to be. And allow, too, the feelings that are a part of any letting go. Let go and trust…



Relationship Guidance Card 3


relationship guidance

No. 2 – Over-activity is a sure sign that something is being avoided.

Action Creates Change, but perhaps you’re moving on before you have had a chance to fully be with what is happening in the present. Like the tourist who leaps from the car, snaps a photo and zooms off to the next sight, you could be missing out, skimming the surface and tiring yourself and other with your frenetic activity.

Turn the engine off, put the camera down and take a long, slow walk through the situation as it is. Drawing this Relationship Guidance card inverted is telling you to spend time ‘being’ rather that ‘doing’. So relax, and breathe it all in. There may be something here that is hard for you to face. Do you believe deep down that relationships should be smooth and easy, and if they’re anything else they’re not working? Do you get bored easily and move on? Is it hard for you to just laze around with your partner without feeling agitated?

Notice if what you are doing is just a reaction to the discomfort of the situation. Check carefully to see if you are avoiding something, maybe from fear of allowing someone to get too close. Then wonder if that’s the way you always want it to be….



Relationship Guidance Card 4


relationship guidance

No.21 – As we affirm who we are, we become who we are. – Anne Wilson Schaef

Nurture is whatever we take in that strengthens us and helps us to grow. How well we nurture ourselves reflects how good we feel about ourselves.

We all need to feel cared for. But our primary source of care has to be ourselves. This is a core lesson and one that must be faced in order for us to relate healthily to others and ourselves, from a base of strength.

If we are unable to really nurture ourselves, there’s a danger we will become dependent on our partners, expecting them to ‘feed’ us and, quite possibly, draining them in the process. Or we will choose partners who are incapable of loving, confirming our belief that it is not possible for us to be loved.

The situation that you are in is calling for you to differentiate between what nurtures you and what doesn’t. The familiar and the emotionally desirable are not necessarily of benefit to you, even though they may be holding the strongest attraction. You are being asked by this weeks Shifting guidance to recognize, then to act on your need for proper nurturing.

The only way to do this is by caring for yourself as if you were the most precious person on earth. Get in touch with your deepest needs and seek, as best you can, to supply them for yourself. Once you can do that, it will become more apparent how to really sustain others, without a hidden agenda.

If you can only receive the support that these words offer, ti will be nurturing in itself. Should you feel a resistance, notice that you find it hard to believe that you should care for yourself, and perhaps acknowledge: ‘If I don’t think I’m worth nurturing, why should anyone else?’

Paradoxically, you will only begin to attract a caring response from your partner when you demonstrate a genuine capacity to care for yourself.


This weeks Relationship Guidance



relationship guidance
I hope you enjoyed this weeks card reading. I will continue to post weekly cards on Mondays using various decks to keep it interesting. I look forward to you following me for the weekly spirit guidance. Thank you for stopping by my post, I hope you had fun and found inspiration today.

Until next time, this is Sunscape…

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