September Tarot Guidance Card Reading

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Pick a card from the following to receive this weeks
timely advice that your spirit/soul guides
would like to share with you.


  • Choose the card that feels right to you, number 1, 2 or number 3.
  • Choose before you scroll down to see what the cards have to say.
  • Enjoy this magical and fun way to see what spirit has to say to you.
  • This is purely for entertainment purposes only.
  • If you are drawn to a second card as well, then that would represent an underlying energetic movement working in your field as well.


Tarot Guidance Card
This weeks reading is from
The Good Tarot Card Deck
by Colette Baron-Reid

I will be sharing the information on each card
according to his/her interpretations found in the guidebook
that accompanies the deck, along with my own
intuitive thoughts on the card pulled. Enjoy!

Tarot Guidance Card 1

“The Fool”

Tarot Guidance Card


You know that a spiritual approach rarely appears logical and sometimes even seems impractical. However, when this card appears, you can take a risk and trust that with faith, anything is possible!

The invisible realms will reveal each step along the way. You are meant to experience this regardless of where you travel. This is a time when you’re learning that you are a spiritual being having a human experience.

This Tarot Guidance Card can denote spirit working just before manifesting into your physical life. You may be ready to take a leap of faith and jump into a new adventure. Staying totally in the present moment is the focus of the ‘Fool’ card. Go ahead and follow your imagination, impulses and pursue the dreams you have been creating. Enjoy the journey!


Tarot Guidance Card 2

“8 of Air / Swords”

Tarot Guidance Card

Release from denial,
Seeing things as they are,

Often one does not see through to the cause of why certain circumstances happen in their life. Today you have chosen this new moon guidance card for a good reason. It is time for you to see that you are the one that creates your own reality. What shows up in your outside world is in fact a reflection of the energy vibration that you are carrying within yourself.

To put it simply, if it is in you, you will partake of it…. if it is not within you, that vibration would never show up in your outer experience. The reason that it does is for you to take notice of what you are actually carrying. If you choose not to take notice and deal with the thoughts, beliefs or emotional baggage that causes the circumstances to take place, you will only continue to experience them again and again in a variety of ways.

Are you stuck and unclear of how you can change things for the better? Maybe this card will open your mind up enough to see that you are the one that is self-sabatoging your life. Take notice of your reaction towards others, the feelings that rise up from within you will help you to see any critical or negative emotions that you may be holding onto. This card suggests that it is your self-imposed beliefs that are holding you back and keeping you stuck in this groove you find yourself in.

This Tarot Guidance Card is showing you that it is the perfect time for illuminating any deep seated, hidden issues that need to be released. Every uncomfortable event that you have had of late is there for a reason. It is time for you to see that through any feelings of hopelessness, anger or frustration, that they have all brought you to this point. It is time to contemplate, examine and ask for help from your inner guidance to guide you in releasing that which no longer serves you.


Tarot Guidance Card 3

“The Sun”

Tarot Guidance Card


At this time, everything is possible and everything you need to know is illuminated. Projects come to fruition, relationships flourish, and your growth is assured. This is a time of plenty. It’s important that you share this abundance with others. You may be feeling deeply grateful as well.

This Tarot Guidance Card says…Your life is full of joyous moments. You have worked diligently and your rewards are coming in from all directions. Abundance with the Major Arcana Sun card often encompasses many areas of your life. Your relationship with others are going well. You are probably even feeling quite proud of all your accomplishments in life. You may even find yourself feeling carefree and acting spontaneously compared to what your used to.

Life is so good that you are feeling optimistic about expressing yourself more freely to others. This may be the time to share your optimism and creativity with them, offering some inspiration on how they can further enrich their lives. Do you have a special talent, gift for teaching or leading others? Perhaps at this stage of your life you can be a great asset to those less fortunate. It is always wonderful to share your blessings with others.



This weeks Tarot Guidance Card Reading

Tarot Guidance Card
I hope you enjoyed this weeks card reading. I will continue to post weekly cards on Mondays using various decks to keep it interesting. I look forward to you following me for the weekly spirit guidance. Thank you for stopping by my post, I hope you had fun and found inspiration today.

Until next time, this is Sunscape…

Sun. Scape. Ing your day


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