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Spirit Speaks Card Reading Oct 2017

Sunscape’s weekly reading


Pick a card from the following to receive this weeks
timely advice that your spirit/soul guides
would like to share with you.


– Choose the card that feels right to you, number 1, number 2 or number 3.

– Choose before you scroll down to see what the cards have to say.

– Enjoy this magical and fun way to see what spirit has to say to you.

– This is purely for entertainment purposes only.

– If you are drawn to a second card as well, then that would represent an underlying energetic movement working in your field as well.


metaphysics spirit speaks guidance cardreading oracle
This weeks reading is from three Oracle Card Decks
Earth Magic – Wisdom of the Hidden Realms – Past Life

I will be sharing the information on each card according to his/her interpretations found in the guidebook that accompanies the deck. Enjoy!


Spirit Speaks Guidance Card 1


metaphysics spirit speaks guidance cardreading

The Queen of Light (Reversed)

No. 15 – Illumination, enlightenment, celebration


This week the first card comes in reversed as a challenging card. The Queen of the light challenges you to shine your light and not give in to fear. Are you hiding yourself for fear of rejections? Are you as afraid of success as you are of failure? The light of the Divine shining within you is the power that expresses through you. This, not your ego, is the authentic place of self-expression.

The Queen of the light also challenges you to look at how you’re affected by glitter, glamour, and the superficial dreams of society. Are you mesmerized by false power? The material world is fleeting; nothing last forever. Make sure your intentions come from deep within you, and don’t base them just on money or power or what you think love will do for you. Ask instead what you can offer, what you can give.

True wealth resides within peace, harmony, and a sense of purpose. Remember that Light isn’t garish and cold, nor is it manufactured – it’s warm and brilliant and natural. Give up the attachment to the outer goal, and if it’s meant to be yours, it will surely come.


Spirit Speaks Guidance Card 2


metaphysics spirit speaks guidance cardreading




Eagle Spirit is often associated with the highest and noblest, encouraging us to let our spirits soar. Through this communion, we know that we can touch the sky. We know that we can be more than just two-legged creatures clinging to the ground. We’re intimately related to all of Life on the planet, and it’s through communing with any expression of Life that we realize how vitally connected we all are.

Eagle spirit speaks saying… whenever you experience a heartfelt communion with some physical expression of Life … plant, animal, human, or anything else … it is only then that you can truly feel how your life force is similar to the life force that is all around you. It is only a matter of the difference in form. An essence is articulated into the physical world in a multitude of ways that is the same in everything and everyone, although it manifests in various shapes and characteristics. This essence is Spirit emanating from the core of all things.

Communion with Nature is essential for you now. Take some time to do an open-eyed meditation with any nearby animal or plant.

Relax your body as much as possible, breathe consciously, and keep your attention on the life-form you are communing with. After a few moments, you will notice a sense of the boundaries dissolving, a melding of the “I” and “Thou.” You may even receive messages or impressions as you find yourself in the flow of unspoken communication.


Spirit Speaks Guidance Card 3


metaphysics spirit speaks guidance cardreading

Trust and Faith


The question that you’re asking today is connected to the leve4ls of trust and faith that you have. These two qualities affect the amount of fulfillment, peace and joy you experience. If you find that you don’t trust yourself, others, or even life itself, the reason may be rooted in prior lifetimes. This card may also indicate a past lifetime where you were betrayed by a specific person who is in your current life.

This is also true with respect to the amount of faith you have in the universe or God. You drew this card as a sign to have faith and trust that your prayers have been heard and are being answered. While it’s true that you learn from your past, it’s also important to live in this moment, without clouding it with past pain. And if your faith and trust issues are directed at certain individuals, listen to these feelings, as they may be red-flag warnings to heed. You can forgive someone for past lifetimes, and also follow your inner guidance to avoid him or her if it is warning you to be cautious of this person.



metaphysics spirit speaks guidance cardreading

This weeks spirit speaks guidance

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this weeks oracle card reading. I will continue to post weekly cards on Mondays using various decks to keep it interesting. I look forward to you following me for the weekly spirit guidance. I hope you had fun and found inspiration in the post.

Thank you for stopping by my post, I hope you enjoyed it.
Until next time, this is Sunscape…

Sun. Scape. Ing your day




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